How To Choose Water Softener For Your House

How To Choose Water Softener For Your House

When the water in your house does not lather soap, it is an indication that the water is hard. In other words it is loaded with minerals like calcium and magnesium, which will make it difficult to use for cleaning yourself as well as dishes and in the long run may clog pipes or lead to leakages. There are a lot of water softeners in the market which will help you to soften the water and make it fit for use. You could choose the right one for you. Get more info on this page.

Choosing the right Water softener

  • Size of the softener

The capacity is the basic factor. The capacity of the softener is measured in grains or grain removal. A water softener works by trading hard minerals in the water for soft minerals such as sodium or potassium. The water softener consists of a bunch of magnets of chemical nature called the ion exchange resin. More the chemical magnets, the higher will be the capacity of the softener. A 32000 grain water softener is considered ideal for a household with 4 persons. But this could vary depending on the hardness of the water.

Choosing the type of Softener you want.

 Types of softeners differ depending on the type of regeneration as

  • Timer regenerated– this softener regenerates after a set period of time such as a week or 8 days and so on irrespective of the usage of water
  • Meter Regenerated– these softeners regenerate based on set controls that are set based on water usage.
  • Manually regenerated– these softeners are regenerated only when you want to. They are ideal if you do not have drains.


Installation is simple. But your choice of softener will depend on the place where you place the softener because it requires 3 plumbing details inlet, outlet and a drain.

Choose wisely, based on the above factors.