Parts Of A Penis Pump That You Should Be Knowledgeable About

Parts Of A Penis Pump That You Should Be Knowledgeable About

The first step into purchasing any device, especially one that’s a bit unfamiliar to you, is to be acquainted with the parts and gaining the right amount of knowledge as to how it works. The same applies to penis pumps regardless if it’s the top rated penis pump or otherwise.

What Exactly Make Up a Penis Pump?

There are two main components to your typical air penis pump, namely the circular tube and the mechanism mainly responsible for the vacuum motion. Usually, these cylindrical tubes measure at nine inches and the diameter ranger anywhere from one and a half inches to four inches. Meanwhile, hydro penis pumps offers a whole different design which is comprised of circular tubes alongside gaiters that ensures that the vacuum is able to hold itself against the pelvic area. Take note the water or hydro based pumps contain a lot of innovative design.

Even the most well-known manufacturers implement different designs of the pumps. On one hand we have the Bathmate series which features a fixed gaiter system that comes with a comfort pad; numerous model pumps are also manufactured by Bathmate in order to accommodate varying penis sizes and pressure preferences. On the other we there’s Penomet, they may have varying designs but the cylindrical tube only comes in single size. The gaiter system is changeable, each with its own set of pressure. So if the pressure is not enough, all you have to do is replace the current gaiter with one that has a higher pressure and vice versa.

Air vacuum penis pumps feature pressure gauges where the user can easily monitor the level of pressure while pumping ensues. This step is vital in avoiding overpressure or overexertion on the penis. Setting the right levels of pressure helps achieve optimal results at the shortest amount of time possible.