Best Beach Umbrellas to Beat the Summer Heat

For a lot of countries around the world, summer is here! Wherever you may go, summer is always going to be a season to look forward to, especially when temperatures are relatively warmer. This is also a great time to have a vacation, and one of the great ways for you to do so is to hit the beach. Should you decide on doing so, one of the things you have to secure would be the best beach umbrella today you can possibly find. While the market is full of these umbrellas, below are some of the best of the best.

Rainbow Beach Umbrella by EasyGo

If there are a lot of you, and if you want to accommodate as many people as you can, make it a point to get this umbrella by EasyGo, as its shade is as big as a tent. This is a canopy-style umbrella with a height that could be adjusted. It comes with locking pins on two sides, as well as a locking adjustment with three holes to keep it firmly in place. It also comes with fiberglass ribs to withstand strong sea breeze, with a silver UV coating for the inside of the umbrella to not just shade you from the heat, but from harmful UV rays as well. It’s a heavy-duty umbrella that has an anchor that helps keep it stable and firmly in-place in the sand. Not to mention, it’s got a lovely rainbow color that perfectly matches the cool, vacation vibes of the sea.

Titanium Beach Umbrella by Coolibar

This umbrella helps to keep the surrounding temperatures remarkably low, at just 15 degrees cooler with respect to its surroundings. It’s a nylon umbrella that’s sturdy and offers a UPF+ protection of 50, which is the highest. When collapsed, it is small and thus is perfect for travelling. For ventilation of the interior, it comes with a unique double-canopy design, and to keep you ventilated inside comes with a double-canopy design as well.