Some Common Types Of Linen Fabrics For Weddings

Some Common Types Of Linen Fabrics For Weddings

Weddings, Birthdays, Reunions, and other events just would not be complete without any linen fabrics. This is because it is through these linen fabrics that the atmosphere of the party venue is made more vibrant, and the theme becomes embodied. Essentially, an indispensable component of any party are the tablecloths, and thus tablecloths Manchester rental services have to be found. There are some of these rental services that only focus on linen for tables and chairs, and some of these already come from wedding planners and/or organizers. Having said that, what are some of the common wedding linen fabrics you may encounter being used?


This semi-transparent cloth is great as an overlay or a runner for tables, and is often used together with other main cloths. These are plain woven fabrics and are made of polyester. Their translucent color makes them perfect for those who want to be creative, as well as those who want to have multiple layers of fabric on their tables.


Another type of cloth that’s known to have a sophisticated, lustrous look is the Taffeta. It’s stiff and could be found in a lot of other applications, which includes tablecloths. These usually have faint weft designs, as well as a glossy appearance that’s akin to satin and/or silk. They are durable and stylish, and are best for the classiest of events.


If you want to raise an advocacy of environmental awareness, and if your motif is more in-line with a natural one, then the Burlap, a 100% bio-degradable cloth is best for you. This is made from the Jute Plant skin, and comes with a rough finish, which gives it a more natural kind of look. It comes with a limited set of colors, specifically, earth colors.