How to Get Bitcoins for Yourself

There are a lot of benefits associated with getting Bitcoin for a currency, and because of this, it comes as no surprise seeing the number of those who invest increase on a steady, day-to-day basis. Because of this, some people are so eager to know how to sell bitcoin for usd, or at least be richer as a result of all of it. With that said, what are some of the ways in order for you to earn bitcoins? Here are some of the ways below.

Work for the Company

The most legit, and without a doubt, simplest way to get these coins for yourself is for you to earn it. Bitcoin offers jobs for a lot of people through platforms and websites, and in return would give you payments for bitcoins. These platforms include Jobs4Bitcoins, Coinanily,,, among others. You can then exchange these bitcoins to fiat currency to shoulder your daily living expenses.


Lending is quite similar to “Putting your Money to Work”. There are a lot of platforms that are dedicated to lending coins from peer to peer. This would enable you to get a return of at least 12 to 18%, depending on how much you invest. This is an industry that is not well-regulated, however, and thus you should try your best to follow the platform policies, making sure that you are able to obtain returns.

In Exchange of Helping People

As with any other work, helping people online for certain tasks, such as research for online and offline platforms allows you to get money. Tipping Bitcoins can be a way for your favour of helping them to be returned. One site that allows you to do this is Bitfortip, where even just answering the simplest of questions could give you some Bitcoins as incentive.