Best VPS Server in Chile

VPS Servers are basically Virtual Private Server and they are basically virtual machines which are sold as service to the customers. In such a case, the user has all the access to the machine and Operating System so as to install applications and software on the server. There are many servidores vps en chile and some of them are best to deal with while others should be avoided. In this article, we have listed one of the best VPS Servers available in Chile and we have also listed some of the features of this service provider.

To begin with, the name of the service provider is Box Hosting. The company provides many different web hosting services and web hosting is one of them. Let us now look at some of the advantages of using this server.

  • The Company claims to have 99.99% of uptime which means that you can eliminate the risk of business downtime and thus you can increase your revenue.
  • The company uses high quality network equipment from Cisco and it lays extra stress on maintaining the network equipment of regular basis so that you do not lose any data or your business doesn’t suffer.
  • Other servers used by the company are Dell Power Edge and they are known to be highly reliable. These servers are usually high on power and they never disappoint with their performance.
  • Hosting packages are available from $2.5 and they go up to $160 a month.
  • As you opt for the higher package, you get extra memory, extra disc space, extra RAM and the CPU provided also has many cores.

If you are confused about which package to opt for then you can always call their customer support which is available for 24 x 7. This would surely prove to be a profitable decision for your business.