Basic Differences Between Mitosis And Meiosis Cell Division

Basic Differences Between Mitosis And Meiosis Cell Division

If you still remember your high school biology, you should be able to recall these cellular division terms by their names. Mitosis and Meiosis are natural processes in which the cells in living bodies divide and grow, also takes part in leading to forming a newborn of the same species. Although these are both cell division processes, yet they don’t really happen everywhere in living beings. The Mitosis process takes place typically in organisms that has a single cell and Meiosis is seen in the cells that actively take part in reproduction e.g. reproduction cells.

Brief Explanation

The underlying matters that make the Mitosis and Meiosis processes occur are quite complex, but the formation of a new life is indeed interesting to know about. Here’s a brief explanation of how Mitosis and Meiosis cell divisions happen.


Whenever a living body needs more cells for growth, Mitosis occurs because this process makes the cells increase in an exponential fashion. One cell gets divided into two with similar properties, then these two divide into four and this process keeps on going. Organelles – a part of the cell that keeps increasing throughout the entire process ensures that the new cells created through Mitosis procedure are copies of the original. The chromosomes are exact copies of the originating cell.


Sex cells, or gametes are produced through Meiosis cell division procedure. Meiosis is the cell division process for male and female gametes. Every human body has 23 pairs of sex chromosomes that define the gender identity on humans. Meiosis is often known as reductive division. In fertilization stage, nuclei of a sperm and an egg would combine together to form a zygote, containing 23 pairs (46) chromosomes. Basically, both parents contribute 23 chromosomes to form a zygote and Meiosis fuels the process.


If you really want to know the in-depth differences between Mitosis and Meiosis cell division, you should head over to YouTube and watch some videos for better explanation.

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Tales Of Demons And Gods!

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