Christian Capozzoli: A Master of Improvisation

Christian Capozzoli is a one of the world’s finest improv personalities, and is considered as one of the top instructors as well. Aside from that, he is also a comedian, actor, author and professor, and have established his careers in various media as well. However, his name still gets the highlights on improvisation. That is explainable though, especially with his natural talents and skills on performing spontaneous acts either on stage or elsewhere.

Why is Christian Capozzoli one of the World’s Finest Improvisers?

Improvisation is the act of spontaneously performing without any preparations or scripts. The performer just stands on the spot, and take hints from actual current ideas, things, people and some other stuff around him. It is not that easy especially that you need to catch people’s attention, and not just simply throw any lines you can think of.  This is where Mister Capozzoli excels.

Christian Capozzoli is not just simply capable of doing improv on a live audience, but he is popular for throwing effective lines and acts as well.   This is because of his natural talents and skills in spontaneous performance, plus his background in BFA in Writing, Literature and Publishing and a Masters’ Degree of Literature and Education too.

Aside from watching his performances either live on through videos, you can also witness Mister Capozzoli’s knowledge through his book, the “Aerodynamics of Yes”.  Through the book he imparts his skills, techniques and knowledge on improv. He also teaches in clubs and classes all about improv, and many finds him a highly effective instructor that is easy to understand and learn.

If you want to know more about improv, probably you should start by knowing more about Christian Capozzoli. Check out his official website, read his books and other write-ups, and watch him perform either in videos or on actual performances.