CSGO Skins and Where to Get Them for Free

Passionate CSGO players go all out with the weapons and equipment that they purchase, especially when tournaments are right around the corner. It’s understandable to spend a considerable amount of cash for items that enhance skills and statistics, to help tip the scales in their favour. But spending a small fortune on CSGO cases and skins are known are raise a few eyebrows because they solely offer cosmetic benefits and that’s just about it; players basically look good and even intimidating at times but there are no other benefits. Thousands of players scour the internet for free CSGO cases and skins, thus dozens of websites have decided to offer them.


By visiting the website above, you’ll be able to get CSGO skins and open CSGO cases for free; you read that right, interested players don’t need to pay. There’s no money involved but players that doesn’t mean that the website doesn’t ask anything in return. Nothing to worry about, by performing a few simple tasks you’ll earn the item that you’ve been eyeing since the beginning. Those that are solely interested in CSGO cases, following the steps below:

  1. Choosing a specific CSGO case would be the first step, there are no limitations and you can pick any of the displayed cases since everything’s for free.
  2. After clicking the ‘Open for Free’ option, press the ‘open case’ button. What it does is begin spinning the components of the case.
  3. Paste the displayed Steam Trade URL on the dialogue box and the next step involves the verification.
  4. Verification is the final and most crucial step, it helps them identify the player’s authenticity since the sheer number of spam-bots have become problematic. After successful verification, the items should arrive within 10 minutes of the offer.