Important Things to Know About the Lion Dance

Lions are treated in China differently because these are seen as strong guarding creatures. It is because of the predatory and strong nature of lions that most Chinese people use it to ward off ghosts and other evil spirits. And because of this, lion dancing has managed to make its way into the modern world, originating from Ancient China.

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Unique Tradition

It is very important to note that lion dancing is not just like the regular traditional dances that we see. This is because you need to undergo something before you get the go signal to dance it out. Before a lion dance starts, the dancers should first go through the Kai Guang ceremony. Kai Guang is also called as Dian Jing by other people. It has a very strong symbolism for Chinese because it symbolizes the eye opening or the eye dotting.

The ceremony is all about dotting the eye of the person. And the person who is chosen to do this should surely be special. The meaning of the ceremony is to show that the lion is a strong creature, and that they are bringing it back to life. Most Chinese stores feature a Taoist or Buddhist altar or shrine. This is where the lion is placed, and this is where the magic begins, because the gong, drums, and cymbals are played simultaneously in a very soft manner.


The chosen person would then start to dot the eyes using the cinnabar. Sometimes, the ceremony involves the use of blood from a live rooster. In knowing this, one can clearly see that lion dance is a very special traditional dance which originates from the ancient Chinese culture. Throughout the years, it managed to seep its way to the fabric of modern living despite the needed ceremonial processes that it needs to go. Hopefully, this meaningful Chinese tradition would still be followed in the many years to come.

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