Insulated Piercing Connector: ilsco ipc-4/0-2/0

If you’re on the lookout for an insulated piercing connector for you to use in distribution of high-voltage electricity, then one of the common choices which you might encounter is the ilsco ipc-4/0-2/0. While there may be several other types of IPC, there has got to be a reason as to why this is one of the most popular kinds. If you’re curious as to the exact reasons as to why, then allow this article to guide you and give you additional information with regards to the ilsco ipc-4/0-2/0, and why this is the best for certain applications.

Product Specifications

The ilsco ipc-4/0-2/0 is best for wire ranges of 4/0-2 main wires, as well as 2/0-6 tap wires. Unlike other kinds, it is capable of twice as large voltages, with a voltage rating of 600 volts. It has, however, a current rating which is relatively slower compared to other voltages of similar ratings, with a 600-volt current rating of 195 for Copper, and only 150 for Aluminum, with other types having twice as much as that. For the dimensions, it remains as one of the smallest, with a length of 1-21/32, width of 1-7/8, and height of 2-7/8 in terms of inches, which allows it to be compact and lightweight. The Bolt Head Size is also one which has to be considered, and the good thing about the ilsco ipc-4/0-2/0 is that its bolt head size is a mere ½.

Other Traits to Look Out for

As with all other kinds of IPCs, and any material that you use in electrical con

nection systems, for that matter, you have to make sure that it is made of the strongest elements, and that insulation could be pierced easily, and that it is versatile, and has a high temperature rating, as well as having other common traits which ensure the safety of its use.

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