Kik: A Brand New Messenger App

In times when you don’t really know what to do, especially when you’re out for a long break from work or school, or maybe if you’re left alone and would want to establish connections and make friends with people from different places, messenger apps basically allow you to do so. All that you need is a stable connectivity to the internet, a smart phone, and that’s pretty much it. While there are several messaging applications you can make use of, one of the best we recommend is kik and kik usernames.

Adantages of Kik

Allows you to Connect with People

This is the great advantage that comes with practically every messaging app online. Have a good chat with people from people you didn’t know existed within your vicinity, or even with people abroad! If you’re the friendly kind of person, then this app is most definitely for you to use. Just be careful on the information you send though, as with all other online sites.

Only Uses Usernames

One of the disadvantages of other messaging apps is that they would require you to post or make certain personal information public, such as your other social media accounts, your email address, or even your phone number. With Kik, however, your personal online security is assured given that all you need to login is your username. Nothing more, nothing less.

Multiple Functions

If you would want to go beyond the typical one-to-one chat, then Kik gives you the option to do so. With kik, you could also share videos, pics, and more with your chat mates! You could also do group chats among people who share common interests with you. Moreover, its interface is one which is indeed, stylish and cool, thanks to its recent update. 

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