How to make roach killer by items available at home

Do you know that the most health problems that you face are caused by cockroaches? Yes, they infect your entire house and this causes hazardous health problems. So the first thing you should consider is killing these roaches. The best way is using the roach killers to stop them from coming but purchasing them from outside may be some fake ones and they may not affect these cockroaches. So the best thing is using homemade roach killer. This will not only eliminate these insects but also will get rid of the infection. This ensures the safety of everyone who is living inside the house. You need to clean all the food mess instantly after eating the food. So that it will reduce the growth of cockroaches.

How can baking soda help in killing roaches?

You can use baking soda and sugar; it is one of the useful ways to get rid of insects. It works in such a way that it dehydrates them and slowly-slowly kills them. You need to mix equal part of baking soda, water, and sugar. Use this as bait where these roaches are mostly seen. Mostly around the kitchen sinks, bathrooms taps, and showers, cabinets, along with the refrigerator and under cupboards. The best thing of baking soda is that it kills the cockroach and it sticks to their feet so that they take it to their nest and every other roach eats it and dies.

When you are using homemade roach killer you are utilizing the things available at your home. They are not as harmful as the roach killer that is available in the market. So it keeps your family safe. You need to make sure that these insects do not enter your house again. You need to seal all the holes of your house around the window, doors, cabinets, near the sink and leaking pipes.