What You Need To Know About Star Citizen Referral Codes

For newbies in the game world; star citizen is a sci-fi game where a single player or multiplayer moves across the galaxy. You can explore the different planets by using spaceships and even battle your enemies when on foot. There are various components of the game and knowing them will make the gaming experience fun.Using the arena commander, players can test their flight strategies. From the persistent universe which is the biggest module, you can fly alone or partner with other players to fight and explore the world. This Universe offers players the chance to get to know more about the multiplayer option of the game. 

How the referral code works

When you sign up to play the game, you will be required to enter a star citizen referral code. After the sign up you will also get your own referral code which you can use to invite friends and other gamers.  When any person uses your referral code to enroll in the game, they get a bonus while you get rewards which accumulate according to how many people use that particular code.

How to use the code

When asked toenter the referral code during the signing up process, just copy and paste the given code, and it will activate your account. Each account generates one of a kind Star Citizen referral code , and you can share it in whichever place you are likely to get new players. Whether you share it on your website, social media pages or send it to your contacts via email; the code works to gather as many players as possible. The bonus can then be used on the game’s website to buy and upgrade ships, weapons and even to decorate your aircraft shelters.

The referral code has many benefits as it helps new players get in the game and the process earn a bonus.