Pros And Cons Of Free Web Hosting

Free web hosting sites make more sense for people looking for ways to present their information to a wider audience. Many bloggers start their blogging careers on free web hosting sites. If you own a small business, you should consider finding a web host that provides enough bandwidth and storage space to handle customer traffic.

Of all the products and services out there, who would have thought it possible that you and I can go online and start our own websites, without having to pay anything for the services provided? There must be some strings attached to such a fantastic offer, we skeptically think. Yet, most free web hosting sites do not ensnare us into their free trap and then take us to the cleaners by implementing the service charges located in the fine print. While as likely believable as Santa Claus and the Easter Bunny, there are free web hosting sites that do not tack on unseen charges. However, you should ascertain if the services provided by a free web hosting site is worth your time and energy. Unturned Hosting services are best in the market and you can rely on them for your businesses.


A free web hosting site may not lure you into the hidden charges trap, but it can mire you in the advertising trap. Free web hosts have to make money somehow, and the best way for these sites to garner revenue, without imposing hidden fees on you, is to place ads all over your web pages. Your “free” site can contain advertising banners, pop up windows, and frames. Each advertising medium can annoy visitors to your site, but advertising frames can be the most detrimental to your web pages, since frames cause problems when you submit your website to the Big Three search engines. Advertising is the ultimate website Catch-22. Without ads, free web hosts can suddenly disappear, thus forcing you to shut down your website.