ProxyClick’s Visitor Registration Notification

Dozens of businesses and establishments out there would highly benefits from an upgraded visitor management app for ipad. A lot of clients claim that the best they have tried is the program from ProxyClick. Visitors won’t have to be tediously stopped at the front desk and write their name in the logbook alongside other information. The visitor might even become confused because the person at the person at the front desk may bombard them with questions and welcoming statements as they’re writing; because of the distraction, the visitors may write incorrect information. Apart from being an easy program to use and access, it also sends out helpful notifications.


Always be sure that visitors can confidently locate your building or establishment. One way you can do this is by sending email notifications complete with PDF attachments, contact details and a map with directions. Overall, the client will feel less stressed and consequently, it creates a great first impression.

Text Message Notifications

On the exact date of the visit, all the visitors should receive a text message filled with helpful reminders and notifications with regards to the meeting and the location. It’s unlikely that visitors will enter a room, completely clueless.

Sign-Out Notifications

Hosts or clients may receive notifications whenever visitors check out their account. Doing so ensures that the visitors won’t go to any area where they shouldn’t be in the first place. When visitors fail to sign out, hosts or clients are sent notifications where they can sign out the account themselves, so the visitor’s list is constantly updated.

Emergency Notifications

With a single tap on your screen, messages or notifications can be sent to every single visitor on the building. In case of any and all emergency, you notify the visitors and they’ll surely receive it without delay.