Tales Of Demons And Gods!

When was the last time you read a novel that engrossed you so much that you couldn’t put it down? The story attracted you like a moth towards light and you didn’t care when the sun rose and set as long as that novel was in your possession. Such books are indeed rare masterpieces that transport the reader to an entirely different realm, a world spun by the threads of imagination of the talented author. One such book happens to be the Tales of Demons and Gods which is a Chinese novel of the genre fantasy.The story deals with the protagonist by the name Nie Li who was brutally murdered by a Sage Emperor. The author, however plays with the mysterious elements of fantasy by bringing him back to life as his 13 year old self who now has a chance to relive his life and possibly rewrite history. With his life, family and beloved city at stake, Nie Li has a long road to travel before he can avenge his murder by battling the Sage Emperor. With a fresh lease on life, Nie’s journey from being the weakest to rising as a formidable opponent to the Emperor is one that we all can draw inspiration from! His new lifetime is a gift that he uses to wield demon spirits who aid him in reaching the peak of Martial Arts.

With ample suspense and exciting fantasy elements in it, this novel will surely tease the inner fantasy lover in you along with conveying an underlying message about the value of determination and perseverance. The story of this young boy is available on the internet and one can enjoy it for free, along with forums that discuss the plotline and twists. So what are you waiting for? Go ahead and awaken the reader inside you with this Chinese fantasy!

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