Textile Prints At White Wall

Various printing on canvas are available at dozens of companies and businesses, but not all are able to provide the kind of quality that they promised. Don’t go for the first canvas printing company you see, take time to read reviews and comments or you can go straight to White Wall. Known for the incredibly high standards that they set out, White Wall has been the first choice of loyal customers for years when it comes to canvas printing; apart from canvas printing, numerous other products are also available and displayed on their website and below is one of their best selling products.

Textile Printing on Stretcher Frames

Textile prints are the top alternative for canvas printing and with great reason too; the smooth finely woven fabric creates a glossy finish as well as a subtle texture which adds more life to the image. On an additional note, the textiles are non-toxic and has earned the Oreco-Tex Standard 100. Sublimation prints are used to efficiently apply the print on fabric meanwhile preserving the vibrant colors and crisp details. What the process does is directly steams the ink in the material in order to achieve the sharp colors and precise color rendering. The initial step would be to invert the photo before it gets printed on transfer paper with the help of their Inkjet Inks. Finally, it gets steamed on the fabric through pressure and heat; the final product is water proof and won’t easily crack around the edges.

After printing, the fabric is then wrapped in a durable wooden frame. Because of the reinforced corners, there won’t be any need for tightening or adjustments later on. There are various sizes available for printing from the miniature to large and even extra-large; regardless of the size, the finished product will still be lightweight and easy to display.