The Traditional Ways of Cooking Pizzas

Pizza is not a new invention, it has been there for centuries and people have cooked it in different ways. In the current times, we normally bake pizzas in an oven but that’s not the only way of cooking a pizza. Did you know that the very first oven used for cooking a bánh pizza was a pile of hot rocks heated on fire? That is weird, right but it actually happened. We wonder what it would taste like.

The ancient Greeks used to cook the flat bread outdoors on hot stones. Once the bread was ready, they used to top it with nuts, fruits and vegetable seasonings. Hundreds of years later, the Romans started adding olive oil, spices and herbs to the pizza. After the invention of cheese, it was widely used as a topping for pizza. The first Pizzeria was opened in Naples, Italy in the early 1800s. It had a huge brick oven covered with marble counter to prepare the dough and assemble the toppings.

Brick or stone ovens were used for cooking pizzas and they used to provide a traditional experience. Nowadays, there are some stone ovens that are fueled by wood, gas, and electricity. Wood fueled brick oven provides heat to the pizza from all angles and cooks it evenly all around. Other than these, pizza stones are also one of those ovens that ensure the pizza is cooked uniformly.

Even today, if you visit an authentic Italian restaurant, you will see that they use pizza stones and brick ovens for baking pizzas. That’s why their pizzas are baked perfectly and they taste great as well. As now outdoor kitchens have become a lot popular, people are largely buying outdoor pizza ovens. You can also cook pizza on a grill. It sure tastes good but it is not as perfect as the taste of a pizza baked in an oven.