Varying Kinds Of Cryptocurrencies

Cryptocurrencies are now considered by many as a new medium of exchange and you can actually purchase products for them; jetonbankasi is one of many websites that list numerous cryptocurrencies. A few years back, finding stores and merchants that transact with cryptocurrencies would be close to impossible. But now the same cannot be said since online and offline merchants have started to ease up. These merchants ranges from established online shops like Newegg and Overstock to humble shops and bars. Although Bitcoin remains to be the most famous cryptocurrency today, there are actually many more to choose from.


The most famous cryptocurrency that pioneered the way for other brands, Bitcoin is considered as the gold standard in the entire industry of cryptocurrencies. Bitcoin has been used as a form of payment on a global scale. The main reason why there was a huge improvement on the popularity of Bitcoin, or cryptocurrencies in general, was the price they had on the market. Take note that Bitcoin began as something worth nothing but now it has already reached 650 dollars and more. Not only has the price increased dramatically butthe number of transaction on a daily basis reached 200,000 in volume if not more.


Created and designed by a genius called VitalikButerin, Ethereum has earned it’s way up the cryptocurrency ladder and has now placed second in the list of the most popular cryptocurrency. Apart from Bitcoin, the block chain that it has validate something called states as well as a set of certain accounts. What this basically means is that Ethereum not only processes transactions but also complicated programs and contracts. Because of the flexibility that it offers, Ethereum is ideal for block chains. Ethereum Classic on the other hand is a result of a decision by the developers after a hacking incident.