What is Zyntix Made of?

A good number of companies tend to dance around the truth when it concerns all the stuff that goes into the product. They know very well that customers have become a more aware of the information in the ingredients. And so, companies feature false information to their customers to make it look healthier and safer; this will attract more customers. But when we talk about Zyntix, other experts have already conducted their own research in order to prove whether or not it contains all the natural ingredients that it claims to add. According to the results, the manufacturers were telling the truth and we have listed some of the ingredients.

Main Ingredients in Zyntix

  1. Tonkat Ali extract – considered as a pre-sexual nutrient, it’s used in numerous other libido boosting supplements. Not only that, but it’s also used by some pre-workout supplements because its main benefit is to boost stamina.
  2. Nettle Extract – the main benefit of this ingredient is to increase the sex drive and improve fertility in men. Aside from that, nettle extract can also increase a man’s testosterone levels; which is good because, a better level of testosterone results to improved performance during intercourse.
  3. Horny goat weed extract – this ingredient increase the capacity of the penile chamber to hold blood. Certain blood vessels run directly to penile chambers, these blood vessels have to be wide enough to support constant blood supply. The horny goat weed specifically targets this issue by widening the needed blood vessels.
  4. Boron – one of the more well-known ingredient, majority of male enhancement manufacturers add boron to their products. Boron increases a man’s strength and power, aside from enhancing their overall sex life.
  5. Saw Palmetto Extract – helps in better storage of sexual energy, it also aids in increasing penis size and lengthening erection times.

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